Labour pains?

I’m 39+3 days pregnant and woke up last night at 3am to period pain feelings that were quite uncomfortable. But they were constant rather than coming in waves like contractions. I took some paracetamol and went back to sleep and I’ve had nothing since apart from some belly tightens. What could these pains have been if not contractions?
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It’s likely just your body getting ready. I’ve had this a few times in the past week as well as constant lower back pain. I’m 39 weeks today x

I had exactly the same thing last night at 1am 🥲 I am 39+4. Hopefully it's a sign that we are near to meeting our little ones ❤️

I had period pain for 2 days before my contractions started - didn’t know what it was and even when my contractions began they felt like period cramps coming and going so wasn’t sure until they got into the 3 in 10 lasting 45secs to 1 min, but had dull pain for a couple of days before so probably a sign it’s starting soon! x

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