Any babies due near their siblings birthday? What to do about party?

Baby is due 13th November, my daughter is the 19th , she will be 4 this year, and I still think that I should throw her some sort of party, because she's at that age where she sees all her little friends having parties and I think she would be upset, plus don't want her resenting baby before she potentially even gets here. My husband is in total disagreement and is saying absolutely not because of all the unknowns....which obviously I get, I just feel really guilty. Is anyone else planning a party near their due date?
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Our son’s birthday is 13th and I’m due 15th (same due date as my son and he was 2 days early 🤣). As he’s only going to be 2 we’ve decided not to do anything this year and just do a day out the 3 of us. But I totally get that with that age they’d want a party - could you maybe do it a few weekends earlier?

One of my nieces was born 11th nov and the other older one was born 13th nov. Both had a due date for 17th nov. There's 3 years between them. My sister done a party but kept it small and tried to make a big deal out of it because they are only ever going to have joint birthdays with how close they are. It went very smoothly and all hands were on board so my sister only had to be there for maybe 15 mins for the cake. (It was her first day home from the hospital?

I’m due the 16th November, which is also my birthday😂

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