How to hide the no drinking!

Hey guys, I’m going to the euros final with a big group of friends and one of them is director of people at my company (she’s a great friend outside of work) BUT we suffered a miscarriage around 9 weeks last October so really keeping it to ourselves until our 12 week scan, especially at work. Any tips on how to get away with not drinking? I LOVED a drink before so not drinking is so obvious 😂😂😂
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A lot of places sell alcohol free ciders and wines etc now and once poured in a glass you wouldn't notice the difference. What's your usual choice of drink? Sure there's something you can swap it with :) Alternatively can you be the designated driver 😂

Pretend you’re on antibiotics xx

I got a fake gin and tonic, tastes and smells like gin. The barmaid put a lime in it so I knew which one it was. Also a lot of pubs have non alcoholic beer on draft now so you can look like it’s a normal pint rather than a bottle with the label on it. I just said “I’ll get this one” so I was alone at the bar xx

Or drive to the pub. “Can’t drink, I’m driving”

Empty beer bottle down the sink and replace with water

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