How to break over-tiredness cycle?

When our babies become overtired obviously they don't sleep as well (which is the opposite to me who could do with a good sleep 🫠😂) so then how do you ever get on top of it and back to a point where they're not overtired anymore?? On day three of a grumpy tired baby 🫠 got her birthday party this weekend so really hoping to get on top of it so she has a lovely time!
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Move bedtime about a half hour earlier tonight, but wake up at the usual time

Let them nap as long as they want so don’t cap naps. And/or bring bedtime forward a bit so they can a longer nights sleep

You have to move bedtime earlier to catch up. It’s the only way to get rid of the sleep deficit again ❤️ xx

Thanks everyone - managed to get an hour's nap out of her this morning so thought we were doing well but she only did 30 mins this afternoon so we're currently out for a walk in the hopes she drops back off for a bit 😩 but yeah it definitely seems like it will be an early night anyway! She did go to bed an hour early Tuesday night but then she woke up two hours early Wednesday morning 🫠🫠

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