Active baby while feeding

My baby will not sit still whilst feeding Any tips to calm her down a bit? She is 5 months and EBF feeding on demand and every feed she has her legs kicking about or grabbing her legs, super grabby hands always pinching my nipples or slapping the boob or grabbing my face, she comes off to whisper at the boob or talk in the middle and starts blowing bubbles while feeding, she keeps rolling if I feed her on the bed or looking around as she’s so distracted. I tried holding her hand and she starts swinging my hand around too. It was really funny at first but now I’m so sore from all her kicks to the belly and attacks on my boob 😫
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I have a super active almost 2 months old. Always kicking, swinging arms, pinching, and pulling away from the nippy to look at things. Haven't figured out how to stop the kicking, but I'll throw a blanket or my shirt over his head to stop him from getting distracted and put baby socks on his hands and for some reason his arms just go limp lol. They aren't cutting off circulation or anything but just tight enough to stop his hands from pinching.

@Bex need to try the sock trick to see if it works for my LO!

My sister said the sock trick also works with stopping babies from doing the alligator roll while changing.

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