Belly dropped

35 weeks and baby has turned around from breech and the head is low in my pelvis and my belly has really dropped! Can breathe properly again haha! Could this be a sign that labour is close? Hoping they wait it out another two weeks!
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No sign of labour. Mine has been head down since 20 weeks, belly dropped 12th June, head engaged coming up to 4 weeks now. It's just a sign they are getting ready. They can move in and out from being engaged and a tiny amount can still move positions completely. Some people drop weeks before, some don't drop

Has baby just moved from breech at this stage? I’ve been worrying since my scan at 32+5 as baby was breech, that they won’t move. But in terms of labour, sounds like normal progress. You may get a bit more discomfort down there but should stay put a little while longer :)

@Lucy thanks Lucy!! Useful to know! FTM and a bit of a worrier!

@Rebecca yes she moved overnight on tuesday to Wednesday. She was breech at the scan on Tuesday day, I was also concerned but moved on her own accord at 34 plus 5

That gives me so much more confidence. I’m 34 weeks today, have midwife today and scan next Thursday. Did you consciously do anything to encourage a turn?

@Rebecca I’m glad!:) no nothing at all, she’s been led in breech position as long as I’ve had scans (had them every 2 weeks since 20 weeks due to her size) so I didn’t think she would move at all and just overnight she decided to do it! Didn’t even realise until I was at a midwife appointment who felt her and said she has flipped. Then last night noticed how much lower my belly is now. Hopefully your little one does the same!! :)

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