Pelvic girdle pain

Is anyone else struggling with pelvic girdle pain/instability? For me it hurts in my pubic bone and my left hip joint, mostly when I walk, but also when I rotate in bed or something. Sometimes it can even go out to my upper left leg and nothing will help relieve the pain. Walking has become difficult and painful. My baby is positioned all the way to the left (head down) and he's just cuddled up there and creating too much pressure and weight for just one side of my pelvis. Does anyone have any tips on pain relief? Or do I just hope he moves a little to the right and wait it out? I'm 32 weeks now and it scares me a little that he's only getting bigger and that I might not be able to walk at all in a few weeks. Anyone in a similar situation?
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I’ve had pelvic girdle pain since my 2nd trimester and it’s been awful especially with turning in bed, getting out of bed,car etc. some days I can’t even walk properly. I spoke to my midwife and they’ve referred me to physio. There are some specific exercises you can do, I just search them through YouTube but best go to a physio.

Hi lovely I had this really bad through second and third I’m still pregnant but due in two days. Have you tried a night time pregnancy belt and a day time one too? I also found sleeping with a pillow between my knees when on my side helped with the pressure some nights. Physio is a good one too so might be worth trying to be referred for that from a midwife. Try to limit your walking but also don’t sit for too long as stiffness doesn’t help. Wishing you a great rest of pregnancy and delivery ✨

I fully sympathise, I'm 33 weeks today and it's been horrendous for a while. I saw the hospital physio who gave us exercises, advice and also some crutches (unsure they were necessary though if I'm honest). I've since been to a chiropractor as I've not necessarily had the relief I was looking for, first session went well and I could tell the difference even though it was V. Painful to see the benefits 😂 I'm hoping this will work and am going weekly. Genuinely hope you find some relief! The top tips for functioning daily with the pain from physio were as follows: 1. Slow down, you don't need to keep up with anyone. 2. Put a plastic bag on your car seat, get in backwards and pivot round on the plastic bag to keep your knees together (limiting the pressure and stretch on your pelvis) 3. Get a sheet of satin/ silk like material for under yourself in bed. This sliding will alleviate some of the effort in rolling over. You can just pop to any fabric shop or order some online! Xxx

@Shannon Thank you ❤️ I do sleep with a pillow in between my legs, but I haven't looked into night time belts! I'll also speak with my midwife about phyiso! Best of luck with the last days, wishing you an amazing birth 💕

@Taggie These are great tips, thank you! Hopefully you'll see some great results soon💕

@Huma That sounds horrible, hopefully physio will help 💕

I’m the exact same!! Really struggling so I’ve just referred myself to physio as advised by my consultant and midwife, they can give you excercises to help apparently! Sorry no advice but you’re not alone!!

No real advice sadly other than I empathise with how you’re feeling! I’ve suffered from about 23 weeks - mostly at night (rolling over and those first few steps when getting out of bed for toilet trips/waking up) I find the more active I am during the day, the worse it is at night but then I also find stiffness doesn’t help either. It’s finding that balance! I’ve followed some YouTube videos with my exercise ball and plan on just doing that if I can, also pillow between legs at night and just trying to keep knees together when turning. The NHS physio backlog in my area is pretty long, and I’m not sure if they’ll be able to offer me much more than what I can find online. Not too long to go now and it’ll all be worth it 🥰

I've had it since 8 weeks this time and from 12weeks with my first. Codeine and paracetamol and a physio specialising in pgp who can help you with a massage to release pain and stretches to manage it Also sleep with a pillow between your legs Also if you haven't already avoid skipping, jumping and running and don't walk too much if possible. I still exercise 5/6 days a week but scale and adjust my exercises to consider this

I’m going through the same thing where she is on one side . It’s really painful. In im also 32 weeks pregnant

I would do some yoga. And happy baby pose especially to see if you can get baby to move over a bit. Back at 30 weeks baby was sitting on a nerve that restricted me from lifting my leg. I had to use my hand to move my leg. Once I did happy baby and hubby poked a little hard in the one spot baby shifted and I've been great ever since.

I was referred to physio for it and the most helpful thing was the exercise ball stuff they gave to do. The other exercises were far too painful and I found that the tubigrip and support belt weren't actually helping. Crutches are helpful sometimes if the pain is mostly on the one side. I found using one crutch is better than using both (most of the time). Codeine helped (but personally I do try to avoid that as much as possible). Nothing seemed to have helped with the moving in bed other than something between my legs. I'm 34 weeks now and had it since early 2nd trimester 🥲 Moving too much during the day worsens it and moving too little during the day does too, try not staying in one position for too long😅 They also recommended heated stuff for it, like patches etc. Not tried this one but it was said to me by physio!

I've had the same since 31 weeks and my baby has also been head down to the left since then. I started going swimming. Nothing drastic just a few gentle length per night and it's really helped. The aches are bareable now im 36 weeks

I have the same problem, currently 31 weeks and haven’t had any relief.

@Chelsea that's great! Swimming made it worse for me frustratingly

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