Teething is no fun

Is it common for babies to reduce milk intake when teething? She used to take 6-7oz per feed now only 3-4oz, should I be concerned? She is exclusively bottle fed and takes 5 feedings per day, 24 weeks old x
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I think it is! Mine went through something similar last week and also just decided to drop a whole bottle 🤷‍♀️ lasted a few days and is now drinking even more than he was previously! I did start making his bottles cooler incase that was hurting his gums xx

Yep my boy is drinking alot less. Usually takes 7oz and now drinking 5, sometimes 4oz 😫 even refuses but takes after some time.

It’s so awful but comforting to know that others are going through the same thing! My LO has been having 3-4oz instead of 7! Hoping it doesn’t last much longer x

Yes definitely, we had about a month of this and fussiness and dribbling so much milk and now she has two teeth its soo much better again

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