Swollen feet

Has anyone else experienced swollen feet after birth? I’m 6 days PP and they aren’t going down (had BP checked and all fine). Any tips on how to reduce swelling?
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Mine were terrible. Mine took around 14 days and they got worse before they got better. The midwife said it was totally normal and it is because your body holds more fluid when pregnant and it needs somewhere to go once you’ve given birth. Although uncomfortable, she said it was normal x

Yes! It just came on all of a sudden! When sitting down on the sofa try keep your legs elevated, try not to wear socks or tight shoes. but other than that there’s not too much you can do, it’s just all the fluid from birth tryna work its way out. I think i was swollen for around 5 days and then my feet and ankles went back to normal 🥰

Mine took around 2 weeks to go down also. I was just told to keep them elevated but to also make sure I’m walking around. I found not wearing any socks helped and also cold towel over them every so often.

Mine were hilariously bad!!! Went down after a week or so 😊 elevated my feet when I was sat or lay down and drank lots of a water

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