How many oz/ml is your baby having?!

Out of curiosity? My lb is 5 1/2 weeks and is having 4oz / 120ml every 3.5/4 hours, not sure wether to up it or not? He’s on kendamil! 🫶🏼
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Following as my baby boy almost 3 weeks is on 4/5oz every 3.5/ 4 hours as of yesterday! I am worried I over feed but he’s constantly looking for thst extra

My baby girl was 5 weeks yesterday and she's on between 4oz and 5oz every 3ish hours.. she's also on Kendamil. Although she was 4 weeks early

More so depends on weight, mine is only 2weeks but 9lb and having 120ml 4hrs

My baby girl is 4 weeks on Sunday and is on 4oz every 3 hours roughly, sometimes she will go 4 x

9lb1 , 4-6oz every 3hrs @4wkds

Thank you all! It’s crazy how different each baby is!

My baby just turned 6 weeks old, she is breastfed every 2 hours (day and night 😭😂) but will occasionally have a bottle of formula late afternoon and will easily drink 5-6 oz. She's 13 lbs xx

Our boy we’ve just upped to 4oz although mostly always leaves a teat. He’s 4 weeks today & 8lbs 7oz x

5oz at 5 weeks but i supplement with formula so she only has 1/2 bottles a day, also using kendamil as of a few days ago, up it if they’re draining every bottle if they weren’t hungry they wouldn’t have it x

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