Hi Ladies, I am nearly 11 weeks & have my scan booked for the 23rd July. I started off my pregnancy very anxious had a private scan and there was a heartbeat at 6+3 days but I can’t help but feel absolutely petrified about having a missed miscarriage, I can’t stop thinking about my scan being bad news and it’s consuming me 🥺 I keep seeing everyone’s beautiful scan photos and can’t help thinking I’m going to be the 1 in 4, I don’t know if pregnancy hormones are heightening how anxious I am but it’s awful 😭
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Aw, I totally understand. Remain calm, wallowing in anxiety for another two weeks will not help you. Stay positive. Baby can feel your emotions so for that reason, positive vibes only. It will all be okay hun. Sending love x

I could have written this myself! I’m 11+3 and I have my scan on 23rd July also. I was 1 in 4 last year at my 7 week scan so I’m extra anxious and have had 2 private scans but honestly don’t think I’d relax unless I had one every day!! I think it helps to remember that the odds are in our favour that it will all work out and it’s out of our hands. The next 12 days are going to drag though! 😭

I’m anxious too, I’m 11+2 and scan booked in 19th July. I was also 1 In 4 last year too. I haven’t had any scans prior this time as my MMC showed fetus stopped growing at 10 weeks so I didn’t think anything before 12 weeks would give me full reassurance. Hoping all is well for us all 🤞🏻 xx

Every time I start feeling anxious I remind myself that worry won't change the outcome. It is always devastating to hear such bad news but anxiety won't prevent it. I know it is natural to worry and let those thoughts creep in but honestly there is nothing that will change what will be, will be. Admittedly easier said than done, but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and take it one day at a time. It will all be okay, sending good vibes 💗

I would 100% go and get another private scan for peace of mind. X

Did I write this!? I’ve got a scan on 22nd July and it feels so far away! Had a reassurance scan around 7 weeks and all was great and heard a heartbeat, but totally understand where your anxiety is coming from. Seeing everyone’s scans makes it harder!

I completely resound with this. I was an absolute anxious mess prior to my 12 week scan on Monday. I was shaking throughout the waiting room and then saw a stubborn baby who wouldn’t get into position wiggling around. I had to keep reminding myself to trust my body as much as I could and that I sadly can’t change the outcome regardless of whether it was positive or negative. I also confided in my mum and my partner who both told me worrying like this wasn’t good for the baby so I tried to distract myself as much as possible. I was talking about it at work too, you worry about them every day and not even met them yet 💖

I have been the same all these days as I have been so sick with the flu. I am 11.4 weeks and have the appointment with the NHS booked for the 22nd. Today I couldn't wait more so decided to go a private scan for peace of mind. It gave me peace of mind just the few minutes I was seeing it in the screen. As soon as finished, the worry came back 😩 and now I need to change the NHS scan because you need to leave at least 2 weeks apart between scans 😩... As other people say, this is a journey and we will have to go with one day at a time❤️ sending love and best wishes to all ❤️

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