When would you expect a positive?

Still so new at this TTC for 7 months this month, but have relaxed on testing and tracking this month as I was letting it get me into a stressful place. My last baby was unplanned so still getting to grips with the process. I’m 8dpo today (i know this test is negative) and I know still extremely early. I had pink discharge when I wiped last night, and then tinged brown this morning, wondering if it could be implantation? If it was, when would you expect to see a positive? Thanks girls x
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It could be! It’s so hard to say yes or no as everyone’s body is different. If that was implantation they normally say 2-3 days from when the bleeding started is when you’ll get a positive x

I actually feel like I see something on the test, unless my eyes are fooling me

I see a line on that top test

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