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We’ve currently got the car seat that comes with our travel system (panorama xti) but the seat is terrible and my little girl is chin to chest! I’m looking at the avionaut sky, has anyone got this car seat? Or know much about it? Ideally we’re looking for a 0-4 or 0-6 seat
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If you're on Facebook there's a group called ERF for extended rear facing, theu have trained suppliers and offer advice, highly recommend xx

I have the avionaut pixel pro 2.0 c (use it with the seat belt). I absolutely love it and the midwives were impressed when we left the hospital. Join the group ‘Car Seat Advice UK’ on Facebook if you haven’t already, it’s really useful.

I have an Avionaut cosmo then when he’s reached the limit of that he’ll be in an Axkid Minikid 2 😄

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