Nursery thinks this is the start of hand foot and mouth. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Pics in comments … It doesn’t seem to be getting worse … and we are keeping our other child away from baby but not sure if it’s just something else ?
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My little boy had HFM & it was very similar, he wasn’t at nursery at the time but I didn’t leave the house for 10 days (went for walks etc where I was away from people) - waited for the blisters to pop. They are so contagious so could pick up another babies drink/dummy/toys etc & pass it on - also changing nappies, keep washing your hands when doing that just in case. Happy to share pics of my little boy if you wanted to see :) I used aqueous calamine cream on his stops & then anbesol in his mouth to stop anything from developing x

Yeah definitely looks like it - my LG just had it. Looks the same x

It does look like how most of the rashes start. They’re actually contagious with hfm 5 days before they show symptoms so it’s inevitable it’ll spread within the household. Keep paracetamol/ibuprofen handy for the temperature if they get one and if the rash gets really bad virasooth can help. Aside from that it’s a case of riding it out

Ah thanks ladies that’s a great help 🩵🩵 I’ve got some cream for if it gets worse and stocked up on calpol and nurofen! 🫠🫠riding the wave… 💜 😘

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