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How are we doing food shopping with baby any tips 🤷‍♀️ we done 3 weeks online but I’m sticking it now they always send wrong stuff I need to go to the shop
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If I go alone I take the baby in the sling/carrier. If my husband comes along we may take her in her stroller. I make sure to do a shopping list ahead of time so we don’t loose a lot of time not knowing what we are getting. So far it has been smooth 😊

I do the same as above. I make sure he’s fed and changed before we go and then he’s almost always ready to go to sleep in the sling. I’ll put it on before we leave the house and then when we park up, just put him in it and then go in the shop like that and do all the shopping off a list and then he usually tends to stay asleep the whole time 🤞. I do think some supermarkets have trolleys that you can put the car seat in too though if baby prefers the car seat! x

Yeah I though about doing the sling I’ve Orderd one hopefully comes soon , yeah I don’t like them car seats ones I’m only small and can’t see over it 😅 always end up crashing in to everyone

As above, sling works well. I would recommend seeing if you have a sling library in your area, so that they can come and help you find the right sling for you because what works for some doesn't work for others. I received a second hand sling that was just bought from a high street and it's not appropriate for me and my LO at all as it just doesn't fit our body very well - he's so snug in the one we are hiring from the library x

Feed and change before leaving then either in a carrier or I put the car seat in to a normal trolley and usually she is settled enough to get round for a food shop and then either back in the car and home or a quick feed sitting in the car before heading home

Online with Tescos only since they seem to rarely do substitutes and never had wrong thing sent. I've done Asda before and they're useless everything is a substitute and I done Aldi pickup and had to come back because of a missing basket load🤦‍♀️ I was using Tesco in pregnancy aswell as I can always do an order in the evening and get a flexi slot for next morning no issues. Don't think I could manage the stress of a big food shop right in person 😂

@April yeah that’s who I was useing Asda they are useless might give Tesco a go

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