My daughter is almost 2, I work part time and my partner works full time. I’m due with my second in October and I honestly feel like it’s a privilege to send my daughter to nursery… she’s been in nursery since she was nine months old and we pay nearly £1000 a month, I’m very grateful I can send my daughter however I’m unsure at the moment how we’re going to afford both of them when my second reaches nursery age 😟
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Will you get the free hours this September for your toddler? As that may help to reduce the overall cost. I cant quite remember the exact information but you may also be eligible for free hours for your baby, I think its from 9 months but you'll need to check that. I know I'm talking 2025 here, but when your 2 year old turns 3, you may be eligible for 30 free hours for them, plus a reduced rate for your (then) 1 year old. I hope that makes sense! Your nursery may be able to help you in working out the costs of sending them both to nursery with the free hours etc x

Yes you will get 15 hours free for your daughter from September and 15 hours free for your second once they are 9 months. Then I believe next year your daughter will get 30 hours free. I think it requires you to work minimum 16 hours (or earn over a certain amount per week - £180ish i think) to be eligible Don’t quote me exactly but about that! 🤦🏼‍♀️

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