I am only 4 weeks today but I feel so tired. Not sure if it is because it is my first week back to work after holiday or the hormones but I am starting nights tonight and I cannot bare the thought of it 😔 😭 Is anyone else really knackered? X
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I am very very tired, I’m 6 weeks I wake up in the morning have 2 naps in the day and sleep Through the night I am Also just starting a new job so I am so worried about that

@Tahlia I have a 2 year old so naps are out the question 😭 Rest as much as you can! 2nd trimester will hopefully bring you some more energy x

Yesss I’m shattered too!! I’m 6 weeks, working 8-6pm and got a 1.5 year old at home 🤣 it’s a struggle! X

I am exhausted ! Never felt tiredness like this . I’m naturally a very busy person , but I feel like this is my body telling me to have a proper rest

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