Work from home after baby ?

Hi Mamas, My little one is now 7 months and I'm looking for part-time work-from-home job ideas. I'd love to hear from other Mamas about what kinds of jobs you've done since having a baby. I'm hoping to stay at home with my little one rather than sending her to nursery, (until she’s around 2y/o) but I also want to contribute financially. Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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I just started a wfh customer service banking job on the first of this month. Just shortly after my LO turned 2. He hasn’t started nursery by the way. If you need more details you can send me a msg x

@Larmie I would love to know more as well

I work from home as an author and ghostwriter, and I've also sold a couple articles to online parenting magazines (would love to do that more, but just don't have the time right now so haven't pursued it at much.) I was an author before having kids but did it on the side and worked a day job, but quit my day job before my oldest was born and am so glad I did. I added in ghostwriting and the occasional article when I was pregnant with my second for some extra income. Since everything is totally flexible and on my own terms, it's basically just as long as I hit deadlines I can work whatever hours and at whatever pace I want, it's super easy to work around the kids/whatever needs done at home. If you have any interest in any type of writing (fiction, nonfiction, academic, screenwriting, blogging, literally any kind) I highly recommend

I work remotely in publishing. I copy/edit and translate. I pick an assignment and complete it. I never work during the day and work on my own time. I love it. I get paid bi-weekly and again after the assignment is completed and accepted. I also receive a bonus if I meet deadlines early.

@Kayleigh can you please send me info

@Lacy thank you for this! Do you mind if I message you for a bit more information please?

@Shanee would you mind if I message you to get some more information please?

@Victoria Of course, go ahead!

@Shanee can I message you about it too?

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