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I'd love some advice from those of you with walkers/crawlers. I'm just about to buy a bunch of 9-12 clothes for my son as he's quickly outgrowing his 6-9. So far he's mainly been in footed sleepsuits, then outfits if we're going somewhere. However, he's very close to crawling and pulling himself up and I wondered if people are gravitating more towards footless sleepsuits/normal PJs? As it's easier for them to move in them? I don't want to waste money on things he won't get much use out of 🙂
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My girl is 9 months old and since she’s been crawling and standing she really struggles with footed sleepsuits. They’re slippy, her legs end up coming out the buttons when she’s on the move, she steps on the loose fabric and falls, it’s just much easier with normal footless jammies 😊 gives them better grip and easier to manoeuvre in x

@Hayley thank you! I thought that might be the case ☺️

Footless bottoms are much better I think. Although I do have some footed sleepsuits from Sainsbury’s that have grippy things on the soles of the feet to prevent slipping - those are great and so cheap.

I’ve found that all the 9-12 sleepsuits I have come with grippy soles I don’t know if that’s the standard for that size 😊

Mines crawling everywhere and pulling himself up and I do wish I had footless sleepsuits as the ones with feet are much slippier on his play mat. I will be getting footless ones in the next size up. As for day time clothes he just wears the same as usual but only ever wears socks when he’s in the pram and not moving x

@Char these pyjamas are so cute! Where did you get them please? My baby was wearing the footed onesie today andsomehow there was a lot of fabric on his foot but he hasn't slipped on it. Fabric the way socks slip off the foot 🤷🏿‍♀️ Definitely go for footless and socks

We started footless soon as we popped him in walker

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