Being induced on Friday (tomorrow)🤞

Does anyone have any tips for preparing for the process of induction. Reason for needing to be induced is due to previous pregnancy needed an emergency c section. I can’t go over more than 1 week with this one. I’m currently 2days over due date. But we delayed induction already by 3days as I’ve been having some contractions but not strong or regular enough to say labour is naturally going to happen and losing all the mucus plug, was hoping to go into natural labour. But if labour doesn’t start fully by Friday I’ll be induced. What’s everyone opinion on balloon induction? Or they can use gel or tablet for induction? I’ve heard the balloon can be uncomfortable.
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My tips, be patient, be positive and keep mobile. I was waiting 3 days when I went in because there were no free beds on the labour ward, however I was deemed too high risk to leave. So I bounced and I walked and I rested, read my books, bounced and walked some more. By the time my bed was ready I was in spontaneous labour. Good luck 🥰

They should balls to bounce on and should be able to walk around the labor and delivery ward. I also brought my own pillow and throw blanket. I was so cold after my csection so I loved having extra blankets

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