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Middle of the night vent session. I'm serious about the possibility of adding formula to my 5w2d babies' diet. I can't find time to pump, making me the only source of food for him, and he is starting to drive me crazy. I need sleep! What is the best formula and / or how on this green earth do I find time to pump?!
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I had a similar problem and was able to get one pump in after feeding him then using that bottle for him at night and pumping again while using the one I had premade, then in the morning I did one last feed of the previous bottle and got one more pumped bottle and saved it to start off the next night- not sure this would help you or not but it made it way easier for night feeds because he wil just go on and on directly latched. If you need formula there’s also nothing wrong with that! I’ve heard kendamil is really good!

I gave my oldest & I’m giving my youngest formula at night. It tends to be a bit more fattier, so they’ll sleep longer. If you choose to supplement, you can pump while giving him the bottle

I feel you- 100%! Finding time to pump has been hard but either way, at about 3 weeks my partner and I implemented formula to help relieve me as needed; it allows him to help in the middle of the night or really anytime I want more/interrupted sleep. It’s been a life saver-totally gives me a break and takes the pressure off me. I’ve been giving him the kendamil brand which I got at Target; going to try their goat milk brand for sensitive stomachs next. I do try to pump at least once a day and bottle feed that whenever I have it on hand.

Same. I started giving formula for night feeds. I try to pump after my last feed for the night. That way he has a bottle in the morning. It has been great.

I feel you. I try to breastfeed when I can, and when I’m not breastfeeding I try to pump at least 2-3 times a day. From each pump I can get 1 or 2 bottles. Whenever I don’t have anything I then use Enfamil.

You all are so great! Thank you.

I stopped pumping for this reason, and I use gentle ease formula

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