Nutramigen or neocate?

I’ve been offered to try either of these but not sure which one to try? He has some eczema marks on his stomach so the dietician said maybe neocate one but also wasn’t sure. What would you pick? As I know there will be people in the group who have had experience of one or both. Thank you.
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Nutramagin still contains cows milk protein but the protein is broken down. Works for some babies but not all. Neocate has no milk protein. It's amino acid based. Both of mine did better on neocate

@Jo oh I didn’t know that thank you! The health visitor said they were basically the same but neocate would be good for eczema 🙄

I think nutramagin is generally more effective but works if the allergy is less severe. They don't like to prescribe neocate as it costs more for them

you usually get prescribed nutramigen first (or sma althera) the GP’s usually want you to try at least one of these formulas before they move you on to an amino acid formula (neocate or sma alfamino) - this is because some babies can tolerate the milks that contain some milk protein - the amino acid formulas are then prescribed if your baby is still showing symptoms xx

Thanks everyone, we’ve tried aptamel pepti 1 but didn’t help and symptoms got worse, if nutramigen has protein broken down similar to aptamel then I’m not too hopeful it makes a difference but I don’t mind trying before going onto neocate

Nutramagin is very similar to pepti 1

Nutramigen has a different protien to pepti 1 so it's not the same and most babies cope with 1 of the protiens not the other so definitely trial Nutramigen first before neocate as will be better for baby when trialling milk ladder in the future

@Emma-louise thank you this is helpful to know!

No worries I think that's why the guidelines are 2 hydrolysed before aa unless ige or anaphylaxic symptoms I believe

I've used nutramigen and my daughter still had funny poos but we moved to neocate and now she's now struggling with constipation so I am personally sticking with Neocate as the nutramigen gave her a constant sore bottom from pooing all the time and her eczema is clearing up. We tried aptamil pepti and she had a allergic reaction and was passing bloody stools, that's how we ended up on neocate x

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