Feel like I’m letting work down

I woke up today and feel absolutely awful. Tired, sick, uncomfortable. It’s actually hard to keep my eyes open. I really didn’t want to come into work but I also feel I have no choice as the other people that know how to do the things I do are currently off (one sick and one on holiday). Without me being there stuff wouldn’t get done and I feel like I have to be here even though I feel awful. I’m not sure how to stop feeling like this but it’s so frustrating.
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Don't feel bad your growing a baby they should understand, and you need to rest if to much, say health of you and baby is more important take it easy I didn't and ended up really not well , is there anyway you can go off for a bit then see if you have any annual leave to take before your mat leave

To be honest, that's a management problem, not a you problem! They should have a back-up plan for their employees being off sick

@Deanne It’s so frustrating because if I’m the only one there and I go home etc then it affects the day to day running of the business, they took me on knowing I was pregnant and would be going on mat leave shortly after joining so I don’t want them to feel I’m taking the piss if that makes sense

Sounds more like if you feel you're forced to work despite not being up to it then they're taking advantage. You should have a discussion at least with your line manager and let them know how you're feeling, and ask what accommodations they are able to make for you, even if it's reduced hours or longer breaks etc.

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