Due Date!

I'm exactly 40 weeks today and so stuck between 'I can't wait for this baby to be out' and 'I'm absolutely terrified'. This is my 5th so I know what to expect I don't know if that makes it worse?! 🤣 I was so hoping I'd had baby by now, but I've also gone overdue with all of them so I'm not surprised 😬😬😬 is anyone else battling this waiting anxiety?
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The waiting anxiety is killing me! I’m 37+2, my other two girls came at around 39+ so I’m hoping another 2 weeks, but the wait is killing me 😅

Yes I’m 39 weeks today and it’s my 4th. Still terrified even though should be used to it by now. Im getting a lot of pain in my bum and legs so I’m terrified that baby is back to back like my first was. Even though midwife said he wasn’t afew weeks ago.

I am 38+1 w and I can't wait😵‍💫 am in so much pain and discomfort. I don't mind the sleepless nights ahead, I am just tired of running after my 1 year old all day weighing and feeling like an elephant and having so much pain everywhere! My first son came at 39 weeks, so my hopes are high that this one will come really soon

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