Has anyone’s baby ever choked on milk? I seen it happen to someone on a group recently and it’s got me worried sick? Is it common? What would I even do?
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I wont say choked exactly but yeah mine lo looked like choked and coughed a lot till 4 month of age. He is now 8 months old.

If babe is formula fed, maybe make sure the flow isn’t too fast. To put your mind at ease take an infant first aid class or watch a couple of videos on the internet. Unfortunately, even us as adults, can choke on some water. The fear of choking is horrible, but being well prepared for any situation made me feel a touch at ease. I always tell myself that if it’s a drink (liquid) means it can’t be lodged in his throat. I’m so sorry to hear you’re experiencing this, sending virtual hugs xx

Mine does sometimes if my boobs are really full so the letdown is quite a lot at the start, or if shes trying to eat too fast. Ive had to take her off the boob sometimes to give her a second to catch her breath because shes going too fast and i know shes going to choke. Or if shes distracted while feeding, like trying to poo when shes straining and staring off but wants to eat too. She just gasps a bit and coughs, i sit her up and pat her back until shes fine again and she always wants to eat immediately after, hungry girl😂

@Rachael this is my baby girl exactly I could of wrote this…apart from the poo bit she stops feeding to poo stares me in the eyes then continues feeding once she’s finished haha. She’s 6 months now and nowhere near as bad as she used to be

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