Small bump on a bigger girly

Please excuse the streaky mirror 😂 I’m 19 weeks today and honestly my bump is still pretty tiny! I’ve always been a bigger girl,I’m a size 16. I’m also having a little girl so going by the old wives tale I expected to be huuuuuge by now 😂 has anyone else experienced this before? Being a curvy girl but having quite a small bump? It’s making me feel a bit paranoid tbh. I know bump size is not an indication of baby size but I see other bumps all over social media that are twice the size of mine and like 7/8 weeks behind me 😂
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I’m at size 18 UK and it just looks like I’ve put on a load of weight at this moment in time. I still fit into my clothes and haven’t needed to buy any extra, currently 28 weeks

@Tallulah I don’t even feel like I look like I’ve put in a lot of weight tbh! I’m wearing maternity leggings and tops now because they feel more comfortable,the band just sits in the wrong place with normal leggings. I just feel like it doesn’t look like much growth in that timeframe. They didn’t measure baby at my private 16 week scan but I do have my 20 week scan next week so hopefully I’ll feel better after that

@Sarah they didn’t even start telling me the weight of my baby until my 25 week scan (this was to check blood flow to placenta) she’s currently just over 2lbs by an estimate!

@Tallulah aww 🥰 tbh as long as they say she’s growing ok I’ll be happy with that. I just always expected to be huge 🤷🏼‍♀️

I had a girl and didnt show until about 34/35 weeks😂 i was at work with my same size 14 lab coat on and people had no idea unless id told them i was pregnant. Then weeks 39-41 i blew up and my belly was big

Oh and she came out 8lbs 3oz so a big baby!😂 she just hid away in there

Personally think boy bumps are more pronounced often! Shape wise

I’m size 16-18 too and think it was around 22-24 weeks I felt like I had more of a bump, before then it kinda looked like bloating and would change a lot during the day so I don’t think anyone would have noticed if they didn’t know. I’m 32 weeks now and definitely have a bump but have still had comments like ‘you don’t look pregnant enough’ so guessing it’s still not as obvious externally as it is to me.

Aww thanks girls that makes me feel loads better. I’m kinda torn between being desperate for that big bump to physically look pregnant, and not wanting all the aches and pains that come with it 😂 (it’s already started but know it’ll get much worse lol) beautiful bumps ladies 🥰

If this is your first pregnancy as well your bump usually takes longer to ‘bump’! I’m size 18 and in my first pregnancy it took until after 25 weeks for my bump to show properly - this time round I’m 20 weeks and huge 😅

@Morgan it’s my first to develop this far yeah. Having had a MMC and a chemical previously I think I’m just a bit more anxious than your average mama. She’s probably just tucked in there nice and snug 😂

@Sarah that’s completely understandable! There’s so many factors that go into how your bump grows and our bodies are all so different! And I know it’s so difficult to not compare to others online - my first pregnancy I actually ended up off social media for a bit because of this. You will get a big bump at some point though and start thinking ‘how is it possible that my bump is going to get bigger than this’ and it just keeps growing 😅

I’m also a bigger girl, size 16 and had this same worry when I was pregnant. Felt like my bump was small and it wasn’t until about 24/25 weeks when it all of a sudden came out of nowhere. I always worried I wouldn’t look pregnant! You will, trust me xx

@Morgan at certain times of day or in certain outfits I feel like it looks bigger but tbh most of the time you wouldn’t even know I was pregnant unless I told you 😂 I’m sat here with backache and heartburn so pretty sure things are still going ok 😂 but very much looking forward to checking with another scan next week. I’ll feel better when I can feel her kick

@Sarah I do also think that you don’t realise how big your bump is because you see it every day - I remember being 25 weeks pregnant last time and saying I don’t look pregnant and my mum said ‘you look really pregnant what are you on about’ 😂

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@Morgan lol yeah I know what you mean. Like I do look down and see a bump. I just look at those comparison pictures and think it looks like very little change in quite a big period of time.

I was a size 16/18 before pregnancy and had no bump until 34 weeks, then it popped overnight! On my last day at work my boss referred to my pregnancy in his speech and you could hear the ripple right across the playground, noone had a clue 😂

I didn’t get a bump with our second (a boy, first was a girl) until about 30 weeks. I also expected to be bigger. I wasn’t big with my daughter but definitely had a bump early on x

I’m plus size too and mine popped at 23 weeks xx

Mine varies *drastcially* based on so many factors not jsut day to day but most noticeably thru out the day

Totally off subject, but I love your pants! Looks super cute and comfy. 🖤🤍🩶

@Leilani lol thank you! I’m all about the elasticated waistband at the minute haha

Missing the point but your mirror looks nice and clean! 😅

@Sorrel lol think my bf has sprayed glass cleaner and not wiped it properly near the top 🤣 but even better if you can’t tell lol

@Amanda thanks Amanda! 🥰

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