When do we stop squashing these little berries?!
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I stopped squashing the blueberries a few months ago, as he loves popping them in his mouth (to my surprise, he sometimes bites them before inhaling them). But I'm still halfing his strawberries, as again, he just throws them in his mouth no matter how big they are, and he struggles to chew 🤦‍♀️

I’m still squishing them and if i don’t squish one, she does it before eating it 😂

I’m naughty and never have 😅 but in fairness, I’ve not ever given them to her until she was 12 months. Solid Starts mentions that some toddlers are ready to eat blueberries whole from 12 months & I felt she was fine to.

I read until about 4, but I don’t squish peas so I guess that’s a bit inconsistent.

I never have!

I stopped squishing them around 12 months! Mainly because he wants them IMMEDIATELY or all hell breaks loose 😩

I never have, she won’t get a smushed one but will eat a whole one

I cut in half, or sometimes she’ll have the whole.

I still do, mainly out of habit but occasionally forget.. I was wondering the same

@Shana I’m with you, I never have! X

I haven't for months, unless they were particularly massive!

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