My plans to go back 4 days won’t work out due to my role so will need to work full time (mix of office and WFH). Baby will be at nursery 4x days and then Fridays will have grandparents over and we will use annual leave. I can’t help but feel sad I won’t get this extra day with my baby just us. Feel so guilty I’m choosing my work over baby, she will only be small once. Anyway I don’t know the point of writing this but just wondered if there are mums who feel the same.
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You'll have every evening and weekend, don't feel guilty. There are 168 hours in a week and if you are working 40 hours then you still have lots of time. Could you take unpaid leave some days?

Just think about what an amazing role model you’ll be to little one and how much you’ll appreciate your time together. I feel the exact same, heart broken but I know I’m doing it for him so I can provide for him xx

I've come back 5 days a week because I have to and it's tough knowing I'm missing out on things, but it means our weekends together are extra special because I know we don't have as much time together. I also know that because I'm going back to work I'm keeping her fed, clothed and a roof over her head 😀

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