Newborn so restless (tw for picture in comments)

Hey! So my little boy is just over 2 weeks old. He is so unsettled on a night. We might get an hour/2 hours then he’s arching his back, scrunching his legs up and he’s just so unhappy. He’s been like this for the last week. It makes the nights very long. As soon as I pick him up and cuddles he’s fine. He’s had his tongue tie but (he is bottle fed for personal reasons) that doesn’t seem to have helped. He is also very sicky baby and will sometimes cry out in pain and then be sick. My first little boy was very similar to this and he ended up having a milk allergy but he wasn’t as bad as this on a night. Sorry but poo picture in comments - he has a poo say every 3/4 days. What does everyone think?
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Following for some help my 2 week old is the same

Sounds like reflux. Keep him upright for 20/30 minutes after feeds and see if that helps but I’d get hold of your GP for assistance. But likely the acid is also irritating his digestive system resulting in runny poos.

My first baby was like this, very colicky and sicky mainly at night and also had a tongue and lip tie (they usually come together) Colic is not a diagnosis and is actually a symptom of something, most likely due to baby’s tongue tie as this makes them swallow more air when feeding (even when having a bottle) as they can’t create a tight seal around the teat with their tongue. I had my last baby’s tongue and lip tie lasered when he was around 3 months and all of his colic symptoms went after 48 hours. When he is struggling and in pain you could also try to do bicycle exercises with his legs and some gentle massages on his belly to help him release the gas xx

Could be cows milk protein allergy? My daughter was like this when a newborn

@Samantha I do this. Sometimes even an hour then soon as he’s on his back he’s sick and upset. GP won’t help until he’s registered and then registered at the doctors.

@Abbie that’s really positive that the symptoms went away after 48 hours. My little boys was cut yesterday so fingers crossed we might see signs of improvement.

@Ebany that is going through my mind. My little boy had cows milk. He was like this but we never realised until we looked back as his main symptoms were a rash. He’s now nearly 3 and still has the allergy!

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