Why do I hurt????? 😞

So I will be 36 weeks pregnant very soon. I am 4 foot and 9 inches and probably about 125 pounds in total and recently I have been experiencing excruciating pain on my back my stomach and just my entire abdomen area anytime I’m briefly on my back. So for an example, I could be laying on my left side and then switching over to my right side and temporally having to be on my back for maybe five seconds and it hurts so bad every time. My baby girl is probably about 6 pounds now. Could that TERRIBLE pain be just because I’m caring a big baby and I’m a small person? Something more serious? It hurts so bad And it’s something that just started up this week. But it’s to the point where I almost can’t breathe. I struggled to breathe all of the time and people say it’s because she’s on my diaphragm, but nothing helps with it. I could be elevated, I could be laying on my side, I could be changing positions, but no matter what I struggle to breathe horribly, along with the terrible pain. I’ve never felt pain like that before pregnant wise and before pregnant.
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I am pretty sure it is because of your size and your baby being already 6 lbs. I am 5'3 and I weighed 178 pre-baby. After birth, I was 208, and my son weighed 7lbs. 4oz. My back has always hurt, but hurt even more with being pregnant. I was also told that you aren't supposed to lay or sleep on your back, so I would always switch up on my sides. Do you have a pregnancy body pillow to help you feel more comfortable? I would also definitely talk to your OBGYN about your concerns about the pain. They could definitely probably give you better advice.

probably because you are small and then the pressure from the baby moving and or how it's laying the baby should have already turned down and moving downward to deliver

Yes, I'm the same size as you and all my babies were just below or just over 6 pounds when born. It could also be influenced by their position. One of my daughter's had her feet in my back around 2 weeks before she was born and I had back labor during the birthing process.

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