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My little boy is now just over 5 months old and is outgrowing his babylo next to me, crib which we have in our room. We have a mamas and papas atlas cot for him in his room, which he sleeps in for most of his daytime naps. Should we bring his cot upstairs to sleep in? Needing to know what people did once their LO's had outgrown their next to me and how they have them sleeping in their rooms cos we are not quite ready to move him into his own room with him still being so young and sometimes needing comfort in the night. Thanks.
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Following as we're in same boat, I think him rolling into the sides of his next to me is waking him up in the night too x

@Bonnie the same here. He seems to be completely changing positions, and it's waking him up as he can't unstuck himself 😅 x

We have the same problem with or 5 month old. Our room is so small as well that we can’t fit anything bigger in there. He does a full 90 degrees and wakes himself and us up as he hits himself on the sides of the next to me. He’s started rolling to his front though so I’m really hesitant to put him in his own room at the moment, I like to be able to quickly check on him! He also still wakes for 1/2 feeds. He sleeps so much better in his cot bed in his own room though

I had my little one in her cot for about a month now and she loves it. However now she's started to roll I get paranoid that she'll get stuck between the bars so will sometimes put her in the bassinet attachment for her pram and put that in the cot

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