How to get rid of cold quickly

Anyone got any tips on how to get rid of a cold quickly? Me and my daughter have a stinking cold, started with a phlegmy throat and now is a blocked nose for me but sounds really chesty for my daughter. Normally we’d just rid it through till it went but I’m worried because I’ve got my c-section for our second baby in 2 weeks and I want us all to be better long before that! So frustrating this is the last thing we need. Any tips and tricks will be much appreciated x
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Your immune system takes a certain amount of time to produce the antibodies to fight the virus, so there’s really no short cut. All you can do is to rest and keep up your food and fluid intake to make sure that your immune system is up to full strength. Most colds are gone within 7-10 days so hopefully you’ll be fine for your c-section! Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the little one 😊

Thank you, I’m hoping it goes quick and doesn’t linger! Don’t want baby to catch anything from us the day she’s born. Or if the hospital turn us away on the day of we’re still unwell, little bit anxious, it’s all enough of a waiting game as it is! X

@Dinny baby should already have the antibodies for whatever you have as they’ll transfer across the placenta so hopefully shouldn’t be at risk of getting ill 😊

I swear by vitamin c tablets daily

Suck on lemons, put a slice of potato in your sock at night before bed and/or seamoss

Thank you ladies I’ll give these a go too! And @Ashley I hope so that would be so ideal! X

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