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Well it’s my c section tomorrow as she’s stayed breech and I hate needles blood anything along them lines and most time I have my bloods done I faint or throw up don’t know how I’m going to cope with the needles and everything of a c section then being awake while the cut me open 😭🤢 but at least my little girl will be here
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I’m exactly the same! Did they offer you the option to be put under general anaesthetic? Thankfully I didn’t end up needing a C section but I’d discussed with my midwife as even taking my blood has me throwing up uncontrollably 😂 and GA is an option for planned sections in most cases ✨

@Lucia they havnt offered me it no I may mention it today xx

I had my C-section on Thursday and didn't see a single needle or implement

Honestly I’m the same, I hate needles and usually cry when having them or having blood taken! I had my first via c section last year and I’m having another c section next week. I never saw or felt a single needle during my last c section. The whole process was so relaxing and pain free If you create a playlist they will play it for you whilst they do the surgery! My son was born 10 minutes or so into it and placed onto my chest and so I have no idea how long the rest of the surgery took as I was so occupied with my baby! They usually prefer you to be nice and awake during the c section because the sedation can make baby sleepy (according to my obstetrician when I requested to be put to sleep last year 🤣)

@Abbie thank you for such a nicely written reply that makes me feel a lot better xx

@Becki-Jayne hope everything goes well 🤍

Just to second Abbie and also to say I have a similar horrendous needle phobia, I had my first elective c-section in 2021 and had my second a week ago today on the 4th July. You don’t actually see any needles and the staff are, at least in my experience, really professional, calm and kind and have lots of experience of dealing with mums that run the full gamut from calm to hysterial. It’s often the idea of these things rather than the reality that is so terrifying. It really is the most relaxing and calm of experiences, nothing left to chance and surprisingly quick. When I think of friends that laboured for hours and hours I felt so blessed this was so speedy. Also, having a vaginal birth, unless you go unmedicated doesn’t avoid things like a cannula and needles either so they are a necessary evil! You’ve totally got this, as Abbie says focus on the playlist, the moment they drop the screen and you see your baby, the treats you can eat afterwards.

I have a needle phobia. Had my first emergency c section via GA as i was so panicked. Had a C-section on Sunday. This time round i was on local and didn’t see any needles. Spoke to them before about needing GA and they said they would keep in stand by if needed. My partner was there which made me so calm. It was over a lot quicker than I thought it would be. Good luck x

I had my 3rd section on the 25th june.. I'm absolutely petrified of needles! I nearly fainted 3 times while they done a cannula, but they are so nice in theatre. I had a midwife putting wet flannels on me.. even my consultant came in to talk to me to take my mind off it.. but you don't actually see any needles.. If I was you I wouldn't ask for GA, you don't even realise what is happening half the time, plus your partner wouldn't be allowed to go down with you. Just talk to your partner and the staff while the section is being done.. My son was born with a serious heart condition and they allowed me to hold him for 5mins as soon as he came out because they had to take him straight to scbu, I didn't see him for 8 hours after that first hold with him and it was the worst thing ever x

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