Agony whilst pregnant

I’m just looking for some understanding/sympathy/knowing other people have been okay/a chance to rant I think 🫢 Has anyone else found their Fibro has flared MASSIVELY as pregnancy has progressed? I’m now 37+2 and I can barely walk. I’ve got bad bad PGP, have backache, can barely walk a lot of the time, cry due to the level of pain a lot and sod all seems to help 😢 I try to be such a positive person but it’s so hard with agony every single day and I’m so terrified it’s going to stay bad for ages/not improve after baby’s born - what did others of you find after birth if you had pain during the pregnancy? I was hoping coz the pain didn’t disappear I might get less of a flare after but now I’m just an emotional wreck in fear 😂🤦‍♀️ My partner tries but nobody gets it (as we all are fully aware with this condition) and I’ve been horrific since about 32 weeks. I’m counting down the days until my c section and feeling bad for feeling that way as I know I’m lucky to be pregnant and also aware this may be my only child so trying to embrace it too. Thanks for reading and I’d love any advice/comments etc ☺️
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Hello, I had a bad flair up at the beginning of pregnancy. I never cried because of pain before. I'm sending a hug, it's incredibly hard. Obviously, everyone gets uncomfortable at the end but if you have flair ups, it's on another level. The only thing I would say, is to try to work with your stress. It's really hard to know how you will feel after the birth, so try not to stress about it. Get yourself ready (or have set up for after birth so you don't need to carry too much)... I would try warm baths, working with PT and reflexology/massage/acupuncture if that calms you down so the body doesn't amplify your pain. Also stack up on good movies. Try moving gently if you can. It's all the hormones and it's a ride. After c section, give yourself time to recover. Walk as much as you can in small bits. Do scar massage. And once you are feeling you found your feet, start exercising. It helps to get the body back in shape, there are some good programs, postpartum is tough.

Don't feel guilty if you feel rubbish. Don't feel guilty that you find it hard. It's ok.

Happy to advice more if you want but I think it's just ok if you say it sucks. It does.

Hey, during pregnancy I suffered. So I feel you. Gave birth to just under 9 lb baby. I feel for you.. it is hell. Almost there but, I know everyday feels so so long.

Congratulations on pregnancy im 36 weeks and im feelin the same hun 😞 , the backaches have been bad lately im findin it struggle to walk now ,, the pressure aswell an the extra weight also the shootin pains down below ( virgina area) are very uncomfortable some times it makes me shout ouch… Just think our bodys will return to normal when little ones out i cant wait lol.. wierd how we hav to go through alot of stuff durin pregnancys eh… us strong mammas got this 💪 good luck hun message me anytime xxx

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