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Hi all With PAH, they said they will contact me for preop for when I am 38 weeks. I assumed they'd call me the week before letting me know about the app, but I've had nothing so far (currently 37+4) Has anyone had experience with this? I will chase up with them, but also not sure if they will just call me during 38 weeks? TiA!
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So I had my baby on the 3rd of April they contacted me on the Thursday before but that was just because it was bank holiday I believe, they did say to me they would call me like 48 hours before my C section x

Hope that helps x

I had my C section on the 27 June at PAH I got a call in my 38th week on 20th June for my preop for the 26th and the section booked for the 27th

Ah amazing! Thank you @Abby @Jaz so seems they may call next week when I am in my 38th week to set up preop for same week then let me know csection a day or two in advance. X

Yeah they will more than likely call in the 38th week, my midwife also warned my that you could also get 48 hours notice so they coukd call and have you booked in within 2 days so just be prepared for that also but I did get a weeks notice 🥰 xx

It’s because there are so many planned sections that if someone has their baby early or whatever they can have you come in early and also if for some reason there is loads of emergencies they don’t want you having to wait because of them x

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