Wound leaking yellow?

I had my 2nd c section in May (first was last year) and I ended up back in hospital 2 weeks pp with a bad infection that they originally thought was sepsis. I'm 7 weeks pp now and had my checkup a couple days ago where they redressed my wound again and its been leaking yellow onto the dressing. Could this be another infection or something I should expect whilst it's healing, I don't remember this with my first
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That sounds like a sign of infection, I would go and get that checked out quickly to make sure it doesn’t get any worse

How much fluid is leaking? If its a lot please get it checked asap. I nearly died from Sepsis because of this in April when I had my son. More symptoms of Sepsis is high temperature and fever symptoms

I had this and it was normal, apparently a sign of healing. There was so much of it too! As long as there’s no redness, pain or pus, and you feel well/no fever, it’s usually fine. You could always let your midwife know to be safe but it’s quite common

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