Introducing spice to babies diet

Looking for advice, we're doing baby led wearing and having different meals slowly introducing new bits every few weeks. We enjoy eating things like stir fry, chilli and curries. How have people introduced spices to baby? Concious of her delicate tummy and taste buds!
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I also have a 3 year old, so I find when I'm making a chilli I will add all the spices that give flavour but no heat, then remove portions add a little chilli powder for the girls portion and I often cook enough to freeze portions. I've got a silicone muffin mould which freezes good single portions.

We have a lot of curries. I just add chilli’s & chilli powder as normal now. He loves it 🤣. There’s been a few occasions where I’ve thought ‘hmm maybe added a bit too much here’ but he still scoffs it all down. He doesn’t seem in any discomfort whatsoever, and we have them pretty spicy, sometimes he’ll have an explosive poo though 🥲

I also give my little bub spicy foods, but I often offer yogurt/sour cream on a side in case he might need to cool off. Xx

@Amelia did you introduce it on like levels so mild then slightly hotter? Was thinking of making korma or massaman as they are more mild.. her dad likes really spicy food but I'm a mild kind of girl 😂

Yeah I started with just a bit of mild curry powder and just gradually worked up to medium & hot, and then hot chilli powder & actual chilli’s x

Just make it mild and gradually increase the heat. Curry is a common meal for billions of people and their babies around the world. I have yoghurt to cool it down if needs.

I made myself some curried chickpeas the other day and gave some to my little one to try thinking she would reject them but I ended up having to make myself more 😂 like Reena said so many babies around the world will be weaned on spicy food :)

@Becky ooo this sounds nice what was the recipe xx

@Sophie I microwaved the chickpeas and then mixed them with Mayo, mustard and curry powder :)

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