Reintroducing formula

Little one is settled on nutramigen and is now 4 months but the GP have asked us to trial a normal formula again to confirm the allergy 🤷‍♀️ What’s the best and kindest way to do this for baby?
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I’m sorry but if she’s settled on it and she’s no longer having the issues she used to have before going on it I definitely wouldn’t be swapping back to normal formula. It’s all about ££ that’s the problem, I’d maybe tell them you’ve tried and she can’t tolerate it or point blank tell them you aren’t happy to. Xx

So you obviously have to do this to confirm the allergy snd the best way is first bottle of the day only first day add 1 scoop of normal formula in with the nutramigen day 2 2 scoops etc Any reactions stop straight away but if none keep going until gull bottle then add a 2nd bottle a day etc

@Abbie It does seem a waste to buy a full tub if there’s a chance we might only use one scoop 🤷‍♀️ I have though about waiting and doing the milk ladder as that seems a little less harsh on his tummy x

@Jade Thanks, that’s pretty much what we have been told too. Feels so mean, bless him 😢

@Emm yeah we haven’t actually done it yet, we were told to aim to do it at around 6 weeks on the nutramigen. We’ve been on it almost 9 weeks now but between her immunisations, severe acid reflux, sudden weight concerns and feed refusal we just haven’t felt it’s right to do it. I refuse to mess her around more than is necessary right now. Our HV has basically said the only purpose of doing it is to confirm the diagnosis so a dietician referral will be accepted, we’re pretty certain she has it so I’m very tempted to just say we tried for the referral, if by some miracle it isn’t CMPA then she definitely has other issues which need addressing by a dietician/paediatrician anyway! X

We were told the same at 4 months but I didn’t wanna put my daughter through the discomfort she had before being swapped over so we’re waiting until she’s 1 and actually giving her food with milk in and see how she reacts, we just told the doctors we tried it and she still had a reaction x

We’ve been reintroducing my 11 week old for just over a week now (she was diagnosed at a week old). She is combi fed and I’m still dairy free. My LG has 3 bottles of 3oz Nutramigen top ups daily due to weight gain. We actually worked slower than what the dietician told us to do and did 1oz HIPP 2oz of Nutramigen in first bottle for 3 days. Then 2oz for 3 days and now she is having a full HIPP bottle every morning for 7 days. We felt that was the kindest way to do it and so far so good 👍🏼 I’ll replace all top up bottles with HIPP on day 8 of morning bottle being HIPP. Again kindest way to reintroduce slowly. I won’t start eating dairy again until I’m 100% sure she is ok (we’re pretty sure she is). Hope that helps! I would say it’s been difficult looking at symptoms because you overanalyse everything. I’ve prodded her poo nappies and all sorts 😂 But in our case it was worth the reintroduction because we’ll both have been dairy free for no reason (I know that’s not the case for all)! Xx

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