If baby has a cold, should I get her seen by a GP?

She is 12 days old. Sounds very snuffly/congested. Sneezing a lot. No temp and otherwise seems okay. She's feeding and sleeping fine and isn't overly fussy or anything like that. I can't decide if she should be seen or if that's a bit neurotic. It started on day 10 and has probably got slightly worse.
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For cold symptoms they won’t be able to do anything besides give you suggestions on maybe how to relieve congestion like propping them up to sleep, humidifier, saline mist/nebulizer, etc. you risk more by taking them in to be seen with other sick kids around.

Is it a cold or just like mucus? Because a newborn baby sounded snuffly/like they have mucus is really normal. It’s not a cold, they just congested from birth, especially C section babies x

My 3 week old has been the same on and off for about 10 days. It’s very normal in babies and doc can’t do anything. Just monitor feeds/ urine output and make sure not dehydrated

I probably would even just for a very quick check as you’re always better safe than sorry, but she’s likely ok, the same happened with us and in typical baby fashion she wasn’t congested when we arrived or anything like that and seemed absolutely fine. 🙃

I wouldn’t, they’ll just ask if baby is eating and having wet nappies :)

I would probably only see GP if she has temperature or possible chest infection and sounding wheezy for example.

Sterimar breathe easy baby is really good

@Hannah definitely a cold as my husband and toddler have it too. Not a c section baby x

Saline solution drops is what I have used each morning and night for my new baby as she was the same, but has gotten better (now 5 weeks old) and I am currently putting a humidifier in our room to hopefully help. Saline is the only thing you can use so do try it

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