Waking up every two hours at night

Any one else’s 6 month old doing this again?
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Yes my son is doing exactly that its been over a month 😩🥲😅

yep. 6 month sleep regression is kicking my ass. he’ll literally hit himself if he starts to doze off to keep himself awake

Yes. I need help 😵‍💫

Yep!! Sleep training this monster as soon as he gets better from a cold

@Jane which method will you choose??

I did Ferber method with my first to great effect so will be doing the same, but this time I’ll start with shorter check in intervals because it made me really sad to hear baby crying for long intervals. However, I will add that speaking with a sleep specialist, she did note that longer or no checkins was most effective (fastest)

@Jane thank you! I thiught that also checking in makes them more upset

My baby started this around 3 months and never stopped, lol. From 6 weeks to 3 months, he only woke up twice during the night... I miss it so much, lol

@Amiyra same!!!

Yes my daughter usually sleeps though the night and out of no where 2 nights ago she did this but it was only that night she did it

Mine has been doing this all during his 5th month and now into his 6th!

Sadly it's a normal time for sleep regression. I remember the 8mo sleep regression from my first being the worst... just a heads up.

My baby have been sleeping all night since she was 3 weeks old, try to put him/her to bed later then you usually do try the same routine everyday same time. I also tried dr.teal sleep spray and ocean music.

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