Nap time not sure what to do?

Little one is 16months. Since last week we are really trying to have him one nap only. Which has been hit and miss. When we do two naps he refused to nap in the afternoon which means he is overtired for dinner and bath time. He has a cold for the last few days. Today he just looked really tired and i was worried he is getting more ill. He just fell asleep. Should i let him nap for as long as he need or shall i wake him up and have second nap later? My husband is also ill and has been in bed. I’m worried my LO may have been ill due to this. What shall i do? 😭 Also, does anyone else feel anxious when your child and your husband are ill at a same time?
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I let my 16 month old nap for as long as he needs too and if he needs a second nap later on then he can. He's still ready To go to bed around half 7-8ish. He doesn't always have a second nap, just depends when wakes up, had his first nap or how bust we have been. For example, he is absolutely knackered after his baby group because he's been running around and dancing. I just think that they will let you know when they are tired

Id let him sleep if he's poorly. Yes I hate when they're both ill!! Can't cope looking after two babies! 😭😂

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