Is it separation anxiety?

Ever since my daughter turned 1 last week there’s been a huge shift in her behaviour. A lot more groggy, “ tantrums” and waking up continuously throughout the night. She’s never been a clingy baby, but the only way she goes to sleep if I now sleep in the room with her on the floor next to her cot or bring her in bed with me. She’s also overnight decided she doesn’t want to be in her pram anymore🥲. Is it just a phase?
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My little one was like this for a week or two and it turned out to be an ear infection. Could there be any underlying infections ? Or maybe worth taking to the docs for a MOT just incase. My LB was back to normal within 2-3 days of antibiotics xx I don’t want to worry you sorry I just thought maybe worth a mention xx

I'd say it's just a phase. Just keep trying to put her to bed as normal and at some point she should go back to it. That's what I've found anyway. As for buggy, my daughter did the same because she was having some naps in it. Now she naps more consistently in her cot so happier in the buggy

Thankyou both, really helpful advice❤️

No advice, just want to say i’m going through the exact same, even the buggy, i know its so tough hopefully it is a phase that will be over soon x

@Ina we’ve got this🙌🏽x

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