Period pains / cramps

Morning all! Just woken up with the worst period pains at 31+6 weeks! before this pregnancy I miscarried at 8 weeks and it actually feels closer to the cramps I got then, like intense period cramps around my back and under my bump!! Is this normal? I feel like it’s maybe just everything getting ready for birth but still feel a bit uneasy
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Have you had other kids? It could be braxton hicks if you know what they feel like.

@Chloe no this is my first one, I think I’ve been having Braxton hicks last week but it was more sharp stitch sorta pains around the top of my bump x

You might want to get in touch with a doctor just to ask and be safe. But my GP told me last week (I was 31 weeks) that if baby were to come now, she's fully formed and would be ok, apart for probably a bit of medical help for the lungs that are not fully ready. If your baby feels like coming now, she should be fine

What I felt like intense period cramps was actual labour.. time how long between the cramps and obvs if get more frequent/painful go to maternity assessment centre x

@Eryn if you can contact your OB or go to labor and delivery- do so. I had period-like cramps a couple of weeks ago and my midwife told me to take a warm bath/ or warm waterbottle, drink plenty of fluids, take a couple of Tylenol and lay down. If those things do not help, to go to labor and delivery as cramps could be a sign of labor. But like others have said, if you were to be in labor this would not be dangerous for your little one, and in the hospital they may even be able to slow labor down some. Good luck, mama! I know how you feel as I've had a couple of losses before this one, but we are in the home stretch now. I'm rooting for to you!

Sounds like prodromal labor. If you feel like they’re consistent then start timing and call your OB. A warm bath and Tylenol help a ton. It’s just your body and pelvic floor getting ready for birth! At this point baby has a 99% rate of survival and would only need help with their lungs so if you were to go into actual labor and deliver baby should be fine!!

@Flavie yeah, I’ve been told he’s measuring about 5lbs now so I feel confident he’d be okay x

Thank you so much everyone! Cramps stopped this morning but been having back pain all day 😮‍💨 all seems okay though xx

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