Putting baby down for sleep v held/sling/pram

Has anyone had success with putting their baby down to sleep in this magical "Drowsy, but awake" stage when previously their baby would only go to sleep being held or in the sling/ pram? I think we are in the 4 month regression and i'm keen to figure this out but every time I put him down , he will start crying. Last night, the whole process took about 2 and a 1/2 hours before I caved, and put him on the boob, where typically he fell asleep in seconds. It gets to a point where he's had so little sleep that putting him down instead of the usual failsafe methods take so long that he gets overtired and makes it even harder to get him to go to sleep.🫠 Anyone who's cracked this? Tips would be so appreciated.
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I’ve just tried this for the first time with a nap this morning, took awhile but he eventually fell asleep with the help of some white noise playing. Would love to also hear some tips from others

Drowsy but awake is a buzz phrase used by sleep consultants. If your baby is used to being helped to sleep they’re very unlikely to tolerate just being put down very well. My baby is 8.5 months and we still rock or feed to sleep x

My LG is 4months and we have been able to do it at bed time - bath, fed and settled before putting her into her next to me. I lie on the bed beside her, sometimes she'll protest for a few mins but mainly she'll hold my hand, and she's sleeping within 15mins give or take which is awesome! On the flip side.... daytime naps are a completely different story 🫠 I set up her travel cot in the living room so perhaps it's too light/noisy for her (waiting on her cot coming for her nursery) She fights me, I will pick her up to settle and try again this can go anything between once or a million times before she either falls asleep for 20-45mins max or I end up letting her sleep on me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not sure all the hassle is worth it tbh, I do love a contact nap/snuggles but occasionally I'd like to get some things done, use the bathroom, food while shes sleeping 😅 x

Until now I havnt been able to put him down in the day, we generally have to walk him round in the car seat or on the pram he seems to need constant movement - at night he seems to go into a deeper sleep so after rocking etc can be put down but a lot of false starts usually for the first 30 mins However this last week I have tried some sleep training where I stay with him and support him by shhhing and holding his hand, giving his dummy/comforter and although he fusses and is abit frustrated at points he has been managing to get to sleep in his cot at night without me rocking him and yesterday I tried it for day naps and was successful for 2 of them! I highly recommend it! It is saving my back and hips no end!

I pretty much from beginning tried to make my lo to fall asleep by himself. And it worked perfectly till about a month ago. Then, two weeks of tantrums and just would not settle, so falling asleep on a boob or during walk/ride. I think we're back on track again. Of course, there is a cry, but not a proper one, just moaning and babling. I put him in his pram for his naps, but I don't move it. We follow Huckleberry app, and it's very helpful as well as I'm trying to spot the signs such as skin around eyebrows getting red, staring at one spot, yawning. It's not always easy and it doesn't work with every nap. But it works for us

Haven't tried it during the day yet, but my LG goes to sleep by herself at night if I'm sat near her, I just have to ignore her and not make eye contact otherwise she giggles and smiles at me!

Had a success a few times with her naps, but she needs to be in the perfect condition not hungry, not overtired, not constipated etc otherwise she gets more frustrated and it’s much easier to pick her up and feed/rock to sleep.

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