Whiny baby

Has anyone else got such a whiny baby recently? I feel like it’s constant whining and crying from my girl recently. She’ll go to her Nan and grandads house while I’m at work and she naps a dream, always happy there no whinging but when she’s at home it’s constant! I’m worried I’m doing something to upset her or she’s not stimulated enough at home? I should add she’s teething, has had some bad night sleep the last week or so and we’ve all had Covid so haven’t really gone on any days out or even many walks the last 2 weeks, she’s just gone to her Nan and grandads a few times especially while we were super sick.. I just feel like she hates me 😂🥲
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Same girl

She doesn't hate you, she is conformable with you and you are her comfort so she can be like that with you whereas when she's with grandparents it's out of the ordinary for her so she's more stimulated with the change of environment, my LO is exactly the same xx

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