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I’m 40+3, this morning and yesterday my blood pressure has been higher. Mostly the DIA number has been sitting about 92. This morning it is 146/92. Should I call triage or just keep an eye on it, I feel normal otherwise
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Yes just give them a call incase. As soon as one of the numbers is higher than 140/90 they like to know because of the risk of preeclampsia. Mine goes over 90 when I’m at the hospital quite often but they’ve put it down to white coat syndrome. If you’re getting that reading at home then I would defo get intouch x

Call triage. Or re test incase it's a random spike. But at this stage you might be better to just call to go in

Sit quietly for 5mins and test again. I’d call triage if it’s still elevated.

I’ve had 3 readings of 146/92, 143/97, and 148/89 this morning. Think I’ll give them a call and see what they say. Thanks for your advice x

Call triage. My BP was increased to 144/89 and had to deliver next day vis c section. I had no other symptoms, after delivery I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia and had to stay in for 4 days due to BP. My blood pressure was perfect throughout the pregnancy

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