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Would you take a 5 hr flight for a 4 day vacation during your 33rd week ? I have my brother in law wedding and I am very worried to take a flight. Need your advice please.
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You need a fit to fly letter from G.P/midwife after 28 weeks I think x

I just did two four hour flights last week. It was uncomfortable and tiring. But doable. Get some sexy flight socks as my legs deffo got a little swollen even with them.

I don’t think I could… would be way too uncomfortable :/ saying that I’d struggle with a 5 hour flight without being pregnant!

To be honest I don’t think I could, but depends how your pregnancy is going! I have pelvic girdle pain and restless legs, and sitting still for that long would exacerbate them. If you have been doing well and are low risk then do what’s right for you! You would need a fit to fly letter as well x

I’d say it depends on how important this wedding is for you. I’m going on holiday next week, also almost a 5h flight, I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant then. Having this said I flew quite a bit during this pregnancy (about to get on a flight in 2 hours haha), and it is becoming more and more uncomfortable. I’d suggest booking an aisle seat to be able to get up as often as you need and packing enough food/snacks…maybe juice (that has helped my random dips in blood sugar level) :) Do what’s best for you, if you’d feel more comfortable to sit it out, then just skip it!

I flew long haul at 26 weeks with my first and threw up pretty much the whole time, I am never like that but everything just felt more intense, draining and nauseating. Which put me off flying pregnant completely. You’ll need a note from your dr allowing it, but I would also consider what kind of healthcare is at your destination in case something Should happen and you go into Labour early. Is it remote? In a big city, does your travel insurance cover pregnancy etc.

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