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I went into hospital on Friday at 1200 to start my induction as I was 41+4 and no signs of baby. They examined me and I was 1cm dilated and cervix still quite posterior, at 1410 they inserted the 1st pessary. Around 2100 I started to get mild period pains in my lower back coming and going throughout the night but on Saturday morning they had eased off. Once 24 hours had gone by they had told me at 1410 to take the pessary out and that they would give my body a 4 hour break and examine me again at around 1830 to see if I needed the second pessary. They examined me at 1830 on the Saturday evening and said I was still 1cm dilated and would need the second pessary. Throughout the next 24 hours I had little to no pains and I thought that I would then need to have the tablet but to my surprise on Sunday evening at 1930 they examined me again and I was 2.5-3cm dilated. I was told I just had to wait for a space on delivery to have my waters broken. Throughout Sunday evening and through the night I was having contractions but they were bearable and nothing that I couldn’t breathe through. At around 11am Monday morning things started to ramp up and my contractions were getting stronger and closer together, by this point I was still in the induction room but they agreed to give me gas and air. By 1430 I was starting to feel a lot of pressure down below so the midwife examined me again and I was 6cm! They packed up my bags took me to a delivery room and within the space of about 15 mins and walking to the delivery room I was at 10cm and ready to push 🙈 baby girl was born at 1645 on the Monday. No interventions needed, didn’t need my waters breaking, no hormone drip, everything just ended up happening on its own. I found the whole process quite hard mentally I spent a lot of time crying and it was quite dragged out trying to get the process going, but once my body went into labour properly it went very quick (but this is my second baby) overall it was a long few days and mentally hard but a positive experience♥️
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I'm glad you and baby are safe! I had an induction for my second for health reasons and it went so fast and well that I'm kinda hoping to have an induction again. Also because now with 2 older kids I'm anxious about who will watch them if I do go into labor naturally.

I can only imagine the mental exhaustion of being there the whole weekend!! But you finally did it and on your own!! What a blessing mama!💗

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