so my right breast is okish but tge left one has been neglected and is smaller and has less milk.

Now I'm trying to put the baby on it more often and it's helping. But when it's empty or less than drops she gets upset and hits me and the breast and no bottle or right boobie for tge next 10mins or so😐 any helpful tips?
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I would suggest calling the breastfeeding helpline I called them this morning over a few things and they were amazing! Really informative and just amazing! Xx

@Evie is there a number for this or is it for your area specifically? X

My left side has always produced a lot less than my right mostly because her latch has always been worse on that side. I used to give her both sides every time she nursed and primarily the left over night but now I only do it in the morning & before bed. My right side increased for what she needed since she was on it more. Maybe try a different position? My daughter only really does well on my left side when we’re laying down, otherwise it takes her awhile before the milk comes out. Good luck!

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