The pox have arrived!! 🫣

Any tips to help them scab over quicker??? He also suffers with terrible eczema, hoping he doesn’t get too many spots 😭
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Poxclin mousse, porridge baths, piriton for itching, calpol for temp/feeling crappy. Lots of cuddles ❤️

Thank you guys il go pick some up x

Definitely the mousse as easier to apply than calamine lotion. Also cut the ankle off tights/use a pop sock or knee high and put oats in it then put this over the tap to run a bath. Then take the sock/tights off the tap and tie in a knot to make a little ball and use this to rub on their body to soothe the itching (hope this makes sense). My little one had chicken pox last year at 2 months 🫣 as his big sister had picked it up from school!

Where do you think he got it from ?

@justyna nursery!! He comes to the one I work at and we’ve had a serious outbreak over the last month. Crazyyyyyyyy x

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